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Chapter 1: Introduction
Image Management
Men's Style Manual Chapter 1
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Chapter 2: Line and Scale
Line and Scale
Men's Style Manual Chapter 2
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Chapter 3: Body Shapes
Body Shapes
Men's Style Manual Chapter 3
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Chapter 4: Suits and Sizing
Suits and Sizing
Men's Style Manual Chapter 4
The Modern Slim Cut Suit
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Chapter 5: Vertical Proportions and Face Shapes
Vertical Proportions and Face Shapes
Men's Style Manual Chapter 5
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Chapter 6: Accessories
Men's Accessories
Men's Style Manual Chapter 6
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Chapter 7: Additional Information
Additional Information
Men's Style Manual Chapter 7
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Chapter 8: The Consultation
How to conduct a Men's Style Consultation
Men's Style Manual Chapter 8
Men's Colour and Style Questionnaire
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Chapter 9: Dan's Style Consultation and Templates
Watch the video of Dan's Consultation from start to finish
Men's Style Manual Chapter 9
Blank Men's Style Workbook
Example Men's Style Workbook
Example Style Notes
Men's Grooming Handout
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Men's Style Assessment
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Discover how to dress your male clients. With training on body shapes, scale and proportion, you will learn about the styles, fabrics and cuts of clothes to recommend. With detailed advice on getting the right fit for trousers, suits and jackets you will be able to save your client's time and money.

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