Personal Shopper Course

taught by Gail Morgan
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Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Personal Shopper Course!
A message from Gail
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Step 1: Discover Their Style
Step 1 - Video
Step 1 - Manual Pages
Step 1 - Ppt Slides
Style Personalities
Style Exercises
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Step 2: Colour
Step 2 - Video
Step 2 - Manual Pages
Step 2 - Ppt Slides
Colour Exercises
Understanding Neutral Colours
Neutral Colours Demonstration
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Step 3: Body Shapes
Step 3 - Video
Step 3 - Manual Pages
Step 3 - Powerpoint Slides
Body Shape Handouts
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Step 4: Accessories
Step 4 - Video
Step 4 - Manual Pages
Step 4 - Powerpoint Slides
Scarf Tying Video
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Step 5: Underwear & Swimwear
Step 5 - Video
Step 5 - Manual Pages
Step 5 - Powerpoint Slides
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Step 6: Wardrobe Management
Step 6 - Video
Step 6 - Manual Pages
Step 6 - Powerpoint Slides
Wardrobe Management Chart
Organising a Wardrobe Using Colour
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Step 7: Shopping
Step 7 - Video
Step 7 - Manual Pages
Step 7 - Powerpoint Slides
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Sttep 8: The Finishing Touches
Step 8 - Video
Step 8 - Manual Pages
Step 8 - Powerpoint Slides
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Step 9: Find Your Ideal Client
Step 9 - Video
Step 9 - Manual Pages
Step 9 - Powerpoint Slides
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Step 10: Bonus Content
Step 10 - Creating a Website
Step 10 - Your Elevator Pitch
Step 10 - Creating a Holiday Wardrobe
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Personal Shopper Course Assessment
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Course description

To be an effective Personal Shopper you need to have an understanding of the colours, styles, patterns, accessories and fabrics that suit different people so that you don’t waste time in the wrong shops, trying on clothes that will never work for your client.

The  Personal Shopper Course is focussed on wardrobe management and personal shopping BUT you will also gain an in-depth knowledge of many of the topics that are covered in the Personal Stylist and Image Professional Courses.

There are sooo many women out there who hate clothes shopping – probably difficult for you to imagine! But their idea of fun is NOT to spend a few hours mooching around the shops, enjoying the variety of different styles, colours, fabrics that the stores have on offer. They want to be in and out of the shopping centre as fast as possible because they find the whole experience overwhelming, confusing and often depressing.

Imagine how much easier their life would be if they had someone like you to guide them, to find the right garments and the perfect accessories quickly and easily so that they don’t get frustrated in the changing room or compromise on clothes because they don’t know what to look for or where to find it?

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