Course Description

Do you look at your wardrobe in the morning and scream, sigh or just despair?!
Understanding how clothes can enhance and flatter your body is amazingly empowering. This 8 week course will give you the ultimate in wardrobe confidence.

We all know how fantastic it is to receive compliments and to feel comfortable with our outfit choices. 

But how can you do this consistently?

Like many women, you may have experienced having nice clothes in the past, but your life and priorities have changed and now you’re more likely to spend money on the kid’s clothes, buy on impulse, look online, grab something in the sales or repeat buy similar garments again and again! 

You probably still have lots of clothes in your wardrobe but most of them are out of date or don’t fit, plus they just doesn’t feel “right” for your lifestyle any more. You may feel that you don’t have the time to get it right, so you end up “muddling along” and looking blankly at your wardrobe searching for inspiration.

AND then you have to go shopping.... Often panic buying clothes in desperation so that you can get out of the shops quickly, but then hating these clothes when you get home. HOWEVER you still end up keeping the garments, letting them gather dust in your wardrobe, because you couldn’t face going back to the shops!

In a world where we seem to be time poor, having the correct systems in place to dress quickly just makes sense. Wouldn’t it be great to go to your wardrobe, take out what you’re going to wear and just wear it? No debate, no panic, just certainty?

Work through these 8 chapters to discover a wardrobe that works for you. You can also add the option of a virtual colour analysis with Gail, so that you know the best colour clothes, make-up and accessories to choose.

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Style & Colour Expert, Trainer, Mentor & Coach

Gail Morgan

Gail Morgan is an Image Coach and Trainer with over 30 years’ experience. Her mission is to simplify the art of getting dressed so that you enjoy wearing clothes that flatter your body, support your lifestyle, and boost your confidence. Gail runs Study in Style - a training academy, teaching & supporting independent Personal Stylists and Image Consultants around the World, through her certified online and hybrid training programmes. She also works privately with busy professionals and speakers who need to improve their visibility. Gail loves seeing her clients blossom and their confidence soar once they understand how to use their visual impact positively. She is one of only 2 Image Consultants in the World to be certified on both sides of the Atlantic.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Wardrobe That Works Programme!

    • Welcome & Introduction

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Step 1 - Find Your Style

    • Step 1 - Find Your Style Video

    • Step 1 - Manual Pages

    • Step 1 - PowerPoint Slides

    • Step 1 - Style Personality Quiz

    • Step 1 - Exercises

  • 3

    Step 2 - Colour

    • Step 2 - Colour Video

    • Step 2 - Manual Pages

    • Step 2 - PowerPoint Slides

    • Step 2 - Understanding Neutral Colours

    • Step 2 - Neutral Colours Training Video

  • 4

    Step 3 - Body Shape

    • Step 3 - Body Shapes Video

    • Step 3 - Manual Pages

    • Step 3 - PowerPoint Slides

    • Pear Shape Style Advice

    • Inverted Triangle Shape Advice

    • Straight Shape Style Advice

    • Apple Shape Style Advice

    • Hourglass Shape Style Advice

  • 5

    Step 4 - Accessories

    • Step 4 - Accessories Video

    • Step 4 - Manual Pages

    • Step 4 - PowerPoint Slides

  • 6

    Step 5 - Underwear & Swimwear

    • Step 5 - Underwear & Swimwear Video

    • Step 5 - Manual Pages

    • Step 5 - PowerPoint Slides

  • 7

    Step 6 - Wardrobe Management

    • Step 6 - Wardrobe Management Video

    • Step 6 - Manual Pages

    • Step 6 - PowerPoint Slides

    • Wardrobe Management Chart

    • Packing a Suitcase Video - BONUS

    • Packing a Suitcase PowerPoint Slides

    • Holiday Suitcase Lists

  • 8

    Step 7 - Shopping

    • Step 7 - Shopping Video

    • Step 7 - Manual Pages

    • Step 7 - PowerPoint Slides

  • 9

    Step 8 - Finishing Touches

    • Step 8 - Finishing Touches Video

    • Step 8 - Manual Pages

    • Step 8 - PowerPoint Slides

  • 10

    Next steps

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    • Before you go...