Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping Module

taught by Gail Morgan
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Welcome to the Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Module
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Contents Page - Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Manual
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Chapter 1 - Wardrobe Management
Introduction and Wardrobe Weeding
Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Manual - Chapter 1
Organising a Wardrobe Using Colour
Neutral Colours
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Chapter 2 - Personal Shopping
Personal Shopping
Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Manual - Chapter 2
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Chapter 3 - Capsule Wardrobes
Capsule Wardrobes
Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Manual - Chapter 3
Creating a Holiday Wardrobe
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Blank Wardrobe Chart
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Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Assessments
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Course description

Discover how to structure wardrobe management sessions so that your clients feel confident and inspired when they open their wardrobe doors. Learn the tips and tricks of running successful personal shopping consultations. Be focussed, fast and effective.

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