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Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Women's Style Module
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Introduction to Women's Style
Women's Style Manual Contents Page
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Chapter 1 - Image Management
Image Management
Women's Style Manual Chapter 1
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Chapter 2 - Line and Scale
Women's Style Line and Scale
Women's Style Manual Chapter 2
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Chapter 3 - Body Shapes
Body Shapes Video
Women's Style Manual Chapter 3
What have you learnt so far?
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Chapter 4 - Vertical Proportions
Women's Style - Vertical Proportions
Women's Style Manual Chapter 4
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Chapter 5 - Face Shapes
Women's Style - Face Shapes
Women's Style Manual Chapter 5
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Chapter 6 - Accessories
Women's Style - Accessories
Women's Style Manual Chapter 6
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Chapter 7 - Additional Information
Women's Style - Additional Information
Women's Style Manual Chapter 7
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Chapter 8 - The Consultation
Women's Style Consultation
Women's Style Manual Chapter 8
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Chapter 9 - Women's Style Examples
Style Examples
Women's Style Manual Chapter 9
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Next steps
Women's Style Templates
A final word....
Women's Style Assignments and Assessments
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Course description

The Women's Style Training Module will teach you about line, scale and proportion so that you can inform your client which styles of clothes will suit her body before she ever goes into a fitting room!

You will be able to take the mystery out of selecting clothes because during a style consultation you will be guiding your client to understand, love and appreciate her body and then how to dress it in the most flattering way.

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